Beer & Cheese
The best of both worlds

Moreish flavour

A cheese flavoured with beer – that truly is something to savour. Our cheese is produced to an authentic recipe from Gouda, using only the best Dutch milk. We then add a unique beer, made according to the traditional method used at the Paulus Abbey, and ripen the cheese for about eight weeks until the flavour is just right. The result is a fine Dutch Gouda that blends the gentle saltiness of a well-matured cheese with the fresh, slightly bitter fruitiness of Paulus Beer. A cheese that will leave you wanting more.

Cheese with a story

The history of Paulus Beer Cheese dates back to the city of Utrecht in the sixteenth century, where the Paulus Abbey – the second-oldest monastery in the Netherlands – had its own brewhouse. Using water drawn from the city’s canals, the Benedictine monks brewed their own beer and everyone in Utrecht, rich and poor, drank it. In 1580, however, the abbey was dissolved and for centuries the beer was lost. That was until just a few years ago, when the original recipe was finally rediscovered.

Traditional craftsmanship

The recipe tells us what was needed to brew a delicious abbey beer in the late Middle Ages: “a hop kettle, three barrels, 9 bushels of malt, three bushels of barley, a measure of half a bushel, two baskets to carry the groats, a wooden scoop, about six lasts of oats…” By reviving this age-old brewing method and combining it with the traditional craft of cheesemaking, Paulus Beer Cheese brings a passionate new dimension to two typical, much-loved aspects of Dutch culture.

Taste the history

As soon as you taste Paulus Beer Cheese, you’re transported back to medieval Utrecht with its boisterous taverns, long wooden tables, full glasses and wonderful stories. To enjoy it at its best, share our cheese with family and friends and wash it down with a delicious glass of ale. But however you eat it, and whoever you eat it with, you’ll never forget the first time you serve Paulus Beer Cheese.

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